Unicode Phonetics Fonts

These are Unicode fonts which makes documents interchangeable with other Unicode fonts.

  • Arial Unicode MS (Microsoft) - On most PCs, but not pretty
  • Lucida Grande (Apple) - On most Macs, but not pretty
  • TITUS Cyberbit - includes characters from many scripts such as Armenian, Cyrillic, Greek, Coptic and more.
  • Doulos SIL - Includes Greek, Cyrillic
  • Gentium - From SIL. Very readable.
  • Junicode - Includes characters for medieval languages
  • Aboriginal Serif - Includes Cherokee, Canadian Aboriginal, Central Asian Cyrillic
  • Chrysanthi (Chryʃsanþi) - Includes ancient languages, and math/astronomical symbols

Insert Phonetic Characters

These utilities allow you to insert phonetic characters one by one.

Transcription Symbols with Audio

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