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The Hot New .CO Domain Is....


It's the Go Super Bowl secret that was just TOO CALIENTE for TV. What is it?

Last night during the Super Bowl, Go revealed new Go Gaddy girl Joan Rivers and a "hot new .co domain" you can register for. It's the ".co" domain you see in UK ( and Japan ( that it really isn't.

Now that you're on the Internet, the secret of .co can now to be revealed as...the country code of Colombia. So now we can welcome another nation into the fold those who are using their country code to generate revenue from domain name registration. Other famous domain nations include Tuvalu (.tv), Montenegro (.me) and Libya (.ly),

The .co domain is especially well-positioned though because not only is it very similar to the prized .com suffix, but other countries have established .co as a near synonym for .com. I wish Colombia the best in this enterprise.


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