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Testing Some MP3 Sites with Halfaxa Titles


Unicode is such an esoteric subject, you sometimes wonder who's seeing the possibilities. One artist who does appreciate is Canadian electronic musician Grimes whose album Halfaxa contains song titles such as "ΔΔΔΔRasikΔΔΔΔ", "Sagrad Прекрасный", "† River †", along with the charmingly titled "World♡Princess" and the mathematically complex "≈Ω≈ω≈ω≈ω≈ω≈ω≈ω≈ω≈" (Αlmost Omega?)

That makes this album a great test case to check out how well your MP3 or streaming service does with Unicode. As you can see below, iTunes and Rhapsody do well, but for some reason Amazon is giving me the Unicode question mark of death (my guess it's because the page specfies Verdana which doesn't have all the characters).

I haven't tested every music site, but you get the idea...

iTunes Halfaxa List

Halfaxa album list on iTunes with correct symbols

Rhapsody Halfaxa List

Halfaxa album list on Halfaxa with correct symbols

Amazon Halfaxa List (Verdana Type)

Halfaxa album list on Amazon with ?? for symbols


Math+HTML 5 in 3 Browsers


As you can see I haven't been posting here regularly. It's because I've been tied up with a11y (accessibility) including MathML.

However, I am happy to report that I was able to create a HTML5+MathML file that works in Internet Explorer AND Firefox/Safari (with some Unicode thrown in).

As a reward, I think I will write a Unicode post today.


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