Farewell Chryʃanþi (Chrsyanthi) Font?


I'm getting help cleaning up my links, and I was sad to discover that the link to the Chrysanthi font (formerly at http://everywitchway.net/linguistics/fonts/chrysuni.html) was no longer working. This was a nice multilingual font which included lots of Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and phonetic characters along with other scripts like Armenian, Runes, math symbols, spiritual symbols and others. I never knew much about the creator, but I appreciated that it was free and fairly elegant.

I wasn't alone in my appreciation since links have appeared on Greek Unicode sites, Armenian Unicode sites, Gallery of Unicode Fonts, Wikipedia and elsewhere. However no one has an updated link (I'm not counting mirroring sites.

The site http://everywitchway.net/ now features what appears to be a Gothic ABC book (very cute), so the site is not entirely dead, but the font site was last cached by the Way Back Machine back in July 2008. As I said, I do need to update some links, but then again, so do a lot of us. In the meantime, I did want to say a belated thanks to the creator. I enjoyed the range of symbols available, at a time when few fonts were providing them (some symbols are still hard to find in fonts).

If anyone has news of this, you can always contact me at ejp10@psu.edu

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