Almost Half the Web in Unicode


An entry from the Google Blog has a graph showing that Unicode is rapidly gaining dominance as the defacto encoding standard on the Web.

The good news is that Unicode is now the number 1 encoding standard used, but it's not quite 50% yet (more like around 48%). Only 6 years ago (ca. 2004), the percentage was about 5-10%, so acceptance of Unicode and ability to implement it has increased geometrically.

As of 2010 though, about 40% of the Web was either in Latin-1/Win-1251 (ca 19%) while another was still in ... US-ASCII (ca 20%). Fortunately, that percentage is also dropping geometrically (from 55%+ ASCII in 2001). Some of us may be lagging behind, but it looks like we're all going to catch up sooner or later.

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