WAVE AIM Ate my Latin ō


I was wondering what to write next when an accessibility test presented a perfect example of how you can be fluent in one Web standard, but goof up on another standard (Oy!).

I wanted to test Movable Type in the nifty Web AIM Wave accessibility checker. One feature of this tool is that it will show you the location of header tags (e.g. H1,H2,H3), which can be handy to know if you are testing a Web page for markup and don't feel like plowing through a sea of HTML tags.

By chance I chose an entry about You-Tube videos in Latin which talked about Latin versions of Star Wars (Bella Stellārum) which include the scene in Empire Strikes Back (Imperium Contra Offendit) where Luke learns that Darth Vader may be his father and screams "Nōōōō...n" in utter horror.

Original Blog Entry (Screen Capture)

Blog entry with stellarum is now ste and noooon highligted

Tragically though, when WAVE rendered this page for me, I got the less dramatic "NMMMM...n". Apparently WAVE doesn't understand Unicode too well.


As Seen on WAVE

Stella:rum is stellMrum and nooooon is nMMMMn

It looks like accessibilty and Unicode together present another trap for the unwary Web worker, but then again you can always show your superior knowledge in one standard or the other - depending on your audience. In the war of the standards, it can be very comforting.

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