Quirkiest i18n Linux Logos


Linux is that great open source OS which has been adopted around the world. And sometimes, the Linux penguin gets to wear new outfits (or hang out with new friends). Some of my favorite i18n penguin costume changes are....

  • Cymrux Welsh Linux - The penguin has a red dragon pal...and both are the same size!
  • Linux4Arab - Stylish eye wear and head gear for our Antarctic avian.
  • Linux Malta (It's back!) (dead link) - The penguin hangs out on the beach with a trendy Maltese cross tatoo.
  • Russian Linux (dead link) - imagine if you can, a brown furry penguin with teddy bear ears. This one was a Photoshop composite.

P.S. If you're wondering where the heck this post came from - I'm testing the blog tool again.

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