Some Ancient Script Mega Fonts


If you've achieved total script geekdom, then you especially want fonts which support ancient scripts as well as the modern ones. Unicode has been expanding its ancient script coverage, and fonts have been catching up in the past year or two.

Some of my favorites include:

MPH 2B Damase - available free from Gallery of Unicode Fonts. It includes many scripts including the Aegean scripts, Phoenician, many cuneiform scripts, Glagolitic, and more.

Aegean, Akkadian, Unicode Symbols - These fonts and others are freeware fonts from George Douros. Just pick the ones you want. Note - he has a heiroglyphic font if you need it, but it's not Unicode compliant (Unicode is still working on this script)

Alphabetum Unicode - This font from Juan José Marcos comes highly recommended, but it does cost $15.

Code 2001 - From James Kass. Technically it's still in beta, but that doesn't appear to concern anyone much.

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