RUBY Vertical Text for Japanese? (2007 Update)


Did you want robust vertical text or furigana support on the Web? Well maybe you'll get it some day, but not in early 2007 (unless you go the PDF route).

But check in with the W3C RUBY Annotation Specification page for more details and tests. Currently, CSS3 is scheduled to include RUBY formatting attributes.

CSS3 is also scheduled to include a "writing-mode" attribute for other types of vertical writing, but these must be incorporated into the various browsers and text devices.

FYI - There is a vertical text CSS spec out there but it ONLY works in Internet Explorer 6/7 for Windows, so I don't recommend it. It's documented at the Penn State TLT International Vertical Text page.

But I'm positive....Some year, "someday" of vertical text support may be today!

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