Math 475W, History of Mathematics
Penn State, Harrisburg
Fall 2017

E. Boman, Associate Professor of Mathematics
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Topic Approval
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  1. The following two events will be of interest:
  2. -- Thu Oct 5 09:57:59 2017 -- This article on Mary Somerville was published last month. I think some of you may be interested.

  3. -- Mon Oct 02 20:33:56 2017 --
    All of your first papers should be available for you to read via the button "First Papers" below. You will have to ask me for the password.
  4. -- Sun Sep 17 23:00:56 2017 --
    You can find the images of your stamps at the link above.

  5. -- Wed Sep 6 14:14:27 2017 --
    I believe the Presentation Schedule and the Topic Approval page are up to date. Please take a look at them and let me know if I've missed anything.

    Several of you have chosen presentation dates but do not yet have a topic. This is fine but be aware that if you do not have a topic at least a week before your date you will be removed from the schedule.

  6. -- Mon Aug 14 17:29:50 2017 --
    First Assignment This assignment is worth 10 points extra credit if it is turned in by 8/31/2017. In any case it must be done before I will grade any other assignments.