Math 250/251/252, section 1
Fall 2017

Penn State, Harrisburg
Instructor: E. Boman, Associate Professor of Mathematics
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Laplace Transforms
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First exam: 9/14/17 Second exam: 10/12/17
Third exam: 11/9/17 Fourth exam: 12/14/2017,
noon - 1:50pm
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  1. -- Tue Dec 5 21:20:16 2017 --
    The quiz I intended to give last week can be found here. Remember, at least one of Quiz 10 or Quiz 11 will be on the last exam.
  2. -- Tue Nov 14 10:55:45 2017 --
    I have updated the list of assigned problems from the textbook. Remember that these are the problems from which I will choose test problems.

  3. -- Mon Oct 30 14:45:22 2017 -- The due date on Laplace Transforms 1 was originally this evening. That was an error. I have set it back to November 10.
  4. -- Tue Sep 19 15:08:46 2017 --
    Several of you pointed out that problem #1 in the exam was from Section 1.1 of the text, which was not supposed to be covered by the exam.

    My apologies. That was an oversight on my part. I have modified the recorded grades to account for this in the following way: The exam is now out of 90 points, and problem #1 is declared extra credit. This way you get to keep any points you got on that problem, but if you didn't get any your grade is unaffected.

  5. -- Fri Sep 8 09:00:16 2017 --
    All of the past ICEs are now available through the "In Class Exercises" link above. In the future I will post these a day or two before an In Class Exercise day so you can start early if you'd like to get ahead.

    Also, there were a couple of typos on the current ICE which I have corrected. If you see typos or errors on any ICE please let me know so I can correct them too.
  6. -- Tue Aug 22 17:44:24 2017 --
    Your first two Webwork problem sets are now open. The first will close on 8/28 and the second on 9/5. You should try them immediately, so you know which ones you will need help on.
  7. -- Mon Aug 21 19:26:56 2017 --
    I have activated WebWork for this class. You should try to log in as soon as possible and let me know if you have any problems.
  8. -- Wed Aug 16 10:30:43 2017 --
    Yes I know.

    I'm aware that the solar eclipse will be happening during our first class. This is a once in a lifetime event (well actually it will be my third, but I'm old) and I intend to let you go early -- probably around 2pm -- so you can see it if you want.

    However some of you are probably thinking you'll just blow the class off entirely cuz it's the first day so how important can it be, right?

    It is important that you attend the first class because that is when I will explain what you need to do to succeed in the course. So as an added incentive, if at least 3/4 of the class attends on the first day, everyone in attendance will get 10 points extra credit on their quiz scores. If less than 3/4 of you are in attendance on Monday, no one gets the extra credit.