Math 141, section 201
Penn State, York
Summer 2017

Eugene Boman, Associate Professor of Mathematics
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First exam: 7/10/17 Second exam: 7/18/17
Third exam: 7/26/17 Fourth exam: 8/9/16
  1. -- Wed Jul 26 14:33:23 2017 --
    It appears that the exam today included a problem from section 8.1, which I had said was not to be included.
    This was an oversight on my part. My apologies.
    I will make some accomodation for this when I grade it but I'm not sure right now what is the best way to go. We can discuss this when I hand them back, but be assured that I will do my best to treat you fairly.
  2. -- Tue Jul 11 18:01:01 2017 --
    Any typos we find in the ICEs I hand out in class will be corrected in the link above. You should probably download a corrected copy and use it.
  3. -- Sun Jul 02 09:51:24 2017 --
    I have added a link to the Desmos Online Calculator to the material above. This is just for convenience. You do not have to use it, but the Desmos calculator is very useful.