Math 141, section 7
Penn State, Harrisburg
Spring 2018

Instructor: E. Boman, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  1. -- Thu Feb 8 11:51:09 2018 --
    Because of the snow days there will be no quiz Friday, 2/9/2018. The quiz I would have given can be found here. Look at these problems and be sure you can do them. There is a high probability that at least one of them will appear on you next exam.

    Also, since the snow days have thrown the lecture behind, there will be no In Class Exercise session this week. I will use the time to make up the lost time. -- Sun Jan 21 15:04:52 2018 --
    The In Class Exercises for 1/25/2018 have been posted.

  2. -- Tue Jan 9 19:01:24 2018 --
    Here is the quiz I would have given if I weren't going to be gone this Friday.
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