Math 140, section 10
Penn State, Harrisburg
Fall 2017

Instructor: E. Boman, Associate Professor of Mathematics
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Trig Functions
Wolfram Alpha Desmos Online
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First exam: 9/15/2017 Second exam: 10/13/2017
Third exam: 11/3/2017 Fourth exam: 12/13/2017,
10am - 11:50am,
Olmsted 209E
  1. -- Tue Nov 07 09:15:55 2017 --
    The following two events will be of interest to many of you:
  2. -- Mon Aug 21 19:17:04 2017 --
    Ok, I've remade the schedule and the homework problems so that they refer to the textbook we are actually using. I will choose homework problem for the rest of the course in the next day or two but this will get us started.
    My apologies for the error.

    I have also activated Webwork. You should try to log in as soon as you can, and let me know if you have any problems.