Eugene C. Boman
Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics,
Penn State University,
Harrisburg Campus
Phone: 1 (717) 948-6082

Math at Disney Studios

Is College Worth It? by John Green

\(13 \times 7 = 28\)

Downloads (my stuff)
  1. Euclid21 Euclid's "The Elements" for the 21st century (executable only)
  2. Euclid21 Euclid's "The Elements" for the 21st century (includes the source code; available under the Gnu Copyleft license)
  3. Real Analysis textbook: How We Got From There to Here: A Story of Real Analysis, by Robert Rogers and Eugene Boman
    This book is available for free in both pdf and hardcopy versions (see below).

Downloads (other people's stuff)
  1. Euclid's The Elements, Fitzpatrick's translation

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