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  1.  Elizabeth Ann Peters
  2. I am a senior majoring in marketing with an international business minor.

  3. I am from Levittown, PA right outside NE Philadelphia.

  4. My favorite TV show right now is Project Runway

  5. I hate canned Ravioli.

  6. The last book I read was My Sisters Keeper 

  7. A friend of mine got drunk at 2pm in the summer and forgot about our lunch date.  That was pretty bad.

  8. I am pretty good with the technology needed for online courses but I don't know about the e-portfolio since I haven't done that in awhile

  9. I don't think my gender has really affected my life other that in when the guys in elementary school would pick all of us girls last for sports!!.


Sappho Translation

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My Translation of Willis Barnstone (1965)
This man to me is a God
sitting across from you,
listening to your charming voice
and engaging laughter
which breaks the heart inside me.
As I continue to watch my throat closes,
no words can escape, and my tongue begins to swell.
A match in stuck against my skin and
a feeling of fire rages throughout.
A glaze appears over my eyes,
the sounds begin to fade, and
beads of sweat take over my body.
Shaking, my skin turns grass green,
wishing to die, but forced to watch,
for being poor is why I must suffer.
After reading the background history of women in Guerrilla Girls, I reached into the deeper meaning of Sappho and how I would translate the poem. I decided to look at the two works of art by Willis Barnstone from 1965 and 1988 because I related to the wording of his translations the best, but focused on the 1965 version. I will admit I am not one to read, but found this assignment extremely interesting after I understood more about what Sappho was and reading about women in the classical time period. This translation was harder than I expected because I wanted to choose the right words to make it sounds like my own piece of work, but also following the outline of Willis Barnstone.
In my translation I looked at it from a girl's perspective watching another male and female couple. I especially like how he ended both of his poems saying about suffering from being poor. I translated this as "she" could not be with this "God like man" because she was poor and not in the same social class as him. Times have changed since then an people are free to be with who they choose in most countries, but today I still feel that we judge people in different ways that sometimes prevents a person from finding their "perfect match". Being a female I think did effect my translation because I wanted to depict Barnstone's pieces from my perspective of watching a male that I would have wanted to be with. Overall, I think my translation shows a little piece of me, and I now better understand how a piece of art or any work can have several translations because everyone looks at things differently, and is why we are all unique.

Women's World- My Secret Garden

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Women's World.ppt

When I first looked at this assignment, I thought about a living space for my "Women's World".  After thinking about the topic further, I realized as a woman I spend more time out of my house than I do inside and went a different route.  I decided to create my "Women's World" as a place for women to escape from the men for a little while to unwind and relax when they need a break!

The main floor plan for my  is park with grass greener than you have ever see, which of course is maintained by the highest quality gardeners, with trees and flowers planted throughout.  Growing up gardening and planting lowers with my mom and grandma was always bonding experience with that I have continued doing.  There will also be different types of fountains on display throughout the park with separate walking, jogging, and running paths to suite everyone's likes.  Lastly, there will also be a few ponds inside the park with the opportunity to go canoeing or paddle boating.  Because of the park theme floor plan, my women's center is called the "Secret Garden".

I tried to think of everything I would want, and also spoke to my friends as to what they would consider important, and came up with a list of things to do in my "Secret Garden". One way to relax and rewind is to read a good book or to catch upon the latest celebrity gossip in the magazines at the library.  Another part of the center will be the fitness area.  This will be a separate building separated into three different parts for weights, cardio machines, and other exercise equipment.  There will also be a separate gym used for group sports like volleyball and basketball among others so people can meet who have common interests.  And what would a women's center be without a SPA!  After all of that exercising, or even just a long day at work, why not come over for a relaxing massage or facial.  How about a manicure and pedicure? Whatever you chose, the full line of spa specials are yours to take advantage of.  Lastly, there will be a mini mall with selected stores that will also include a full service food court type dining area.  The dining area will be a separate building next door with a mix of healthy and indulgent foods so everyone has their own choice on what to eat.

Each of these activities will have a separate building but they will all be centrally located in the park.  The building will also be connected by enclosed class walkways so you can always view the park when walking between buildings.  During the colder months and bad weather the walkways will be enclosed, while in the summer and nicer weather the walls will open up for the fresh air.  This is major strength to my space because who wants to walk outside in the rain and snow!

I could write about creating a new ideal place for Women all day, but I feel that with my pictures and information here I give a good representation for what I have envisioned for this space.

--In the center to bottom right is a glimpse of the park theme, the flowers, along with a smooth shaped building in which I would design the shapes of my buildings around.  The other pictures on the outside are pictures of what I would include in my "Secret Garden".

Pictorial Quilt- "THON ON"

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WMNST Quilt.jpgWhen I read this assignment and saw "details about our immediate past, and how it is connected to the past of your home country," I had no idea what I would choose for my pictorial quilt.  After thinking about the assignment for awhile, I came to the conclusion that our country is very big on community service and helping others in times of need.  These times of need differ from .a simple visit to a nursing home and serving meals to the homeless, to helping the people of Haiti rebound from the terrible disaster that recently occurred.

Community service has been a huge part of my life ever since elementary school and has followed me through my college years.  For my recent past pictorial quilt, I have chosen to depict my involvement in the Penn State Dance Marathon.  I have been a part of this for the last four years of my life and it defines who I am at Penn State.  I have broken up the events leading up to this years THON in this order: canning, pledge booking, money Counting, THON weekend preparation, and THON weekend.  My "quilt" has taken the name "THON ON" to show we will never stop dancing until we find that cure for cancer!

 I honestly did not like picturing my events.  I am not a skilled artist and had a hard time drawing exactly I wanted to represent my THON well.  I can easily write a book on my time and dedication to this amazing event, but when I but it into pictures I did not fell I did them justice.

I feel that visual storytelling is not taken seriously because it is something that we are not used to other than in ancient art.  For example, we see stories of ancient tribes written on rock walls that we try to depict in order to understand an unknown culture or lifestyle.  This is an acceptable form of visual storytelling, but today we do not use it like that anymore and that art to me has gone away.  I find that it is not taken serious because, like you mentioned in this assignment, today we would call this quilt a "comic strip".  Comic strips are meant to be funny and not real, which is why we do not take them seriously.

Lastly, African American women back a couple centuries ago struggled in the art world.  They were only allowed to do certain types of art, and even when they were allowed to express themselves, often times they were not well recognized for their work.  Harriet Powers is a perfect example.  She had to work hard to be recognized for her quilting work, at ties selling her quilts to make a living.  Now, she is highly recognized as an African American quilter and her work will never be forgotten.  Five contemporary African-American women that I researched are: Betye Sarr (Assemblage Artist, born in 1926), Emma Amos (Painter, born in 1938), Joyce J. Scott (Painter, born in 1948), Carrie Mae Weems (Photographer, born in 1953), and Renee Green (Installation Artist, born in 1959).

Art/Life Experiment

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IMG_0256.JPGI was always an active person growing up and have continued being active though my college years, however, it has become harder to fit this into my everyday life.  Between classes, studying, work, and extracurricular I hardly have time to hit the gym to stay as active as I want.  Yoga is an art form to me that I practice several times a week that keeps me moving and also leaves me at a peace of mind.  I have gone off of Linda Montano's "everyday life can be art" motto and chose Yoga as my art form.


Usually when I perform yoga I do it alone in my room because my roommates can be distracting and I like a quiet space to relax.  This assignment took me out of my comfort zone a little because now I was demonstrating moves in front of them.  Before my demonstrations I explained to each group of people why I do yoga and how it helps me in everyday life which includes helping my breathing, posture, and as a relaxation technique to clear my time especially when I am stressed out from overworking myself.  I performed easy techniques which included: Downward-Facing Dog, High Lunge, Low Lunge, Triangle pose, and Warrior pose.


After I did my demonstration I asked them to do the poses with me and to focus on relaxing and even breathing with each one.   We practiced for ten minutes doing each pose twice.   After the activity I asked them how they felt and if it did help them to relax.  The reactions I received from the females were different from the males.  The females said they enjoyed learning my art and said they felt relaxed after practicing the poses for the ten minute time period.  They were even interested in joining me different days during the week.  My guy friends laughed through the exercise and thought it was funny, but they did say they got a good stretch out of it.  Yoga is an art that can be practiced by people of all ages which I already knew, but also showed by using family members who ranged from 20 to 55.


I was doing further research on Linda Montano and found she learned, "Influencing others is a constant conscious choice for some and inevitably comes with age. Like it or not we are always visible". This is one of the things she learned from 1942 to 1952 and I feel this fits my form of art.  As I mentioned previously, I expressed my art form to my roommates, neighbors, and family members to show them why yoga is my everyday art.  It was my "choice" to choose this as an art and also to show part of my life to friends and family members. She says, "Like it or not we are all visible" and I believe this is a very true statement.  We are always out in the open on display whether it is at work, play, or even just walking down the street, and like it or not opinions are formed all around us.  What I most liked about this assignment was my "choice" to have that opinion formed about me when demonstrating and talking about my art.



"Art/Life Story." Linda Montano- Chakra Story. Web. 09 Apr. 2010. <>.


Letters Project

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Artemisia Gentileschi: Artemisia was born on July 8, 1593 in Rome, Italy. She painted during a time when women painters were not greatly appreciated and often times were not credited for the work they did. Artemisia was a strong young lady determined to be recognized for her work, like that of her father Orazio Gentileschi,  and would not stop until she reached her goal.  Her paintings were often very sexual and pictured her subjects nude or partly nude which was not allowed at that time for women artists. She trained under the well known artist Agostino Tassi and learned how to view art differently. Agostino later raped Artemisia and they continued with these sexual relations until her father became aware of the events and charged Tassi.

To gain back honor from her peers, her married Pierantonio Stiattesi moved to him in Florence, Italy.  During their time in Florence they had four sons and one daughter. Due to money problems Artemisia moved back to Rome with her daughter. She has another daughter with a different man in Rome and attempted to teach both how to paint. She wanted to empower her children with the opportunity as a woman that she did not have, which was to paint freely. 

Elizabeth Peters: Liz is a 21 year old female and is currently a senior at Penn State University majoring in Marketing. She grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her mother, father, and two sisters. She was a tom-boy growing up and was always outside playing sports ad continued to do so through high-school. She later gained an interest in theater and was in all of the high schools musical productions and one main stage act play. Liz is also very involved with community service events and spent the last four years participating in the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON, though different school organizations, as well as other community activities. In her free time she enjoys practicing cosmetology especially painting nails and one day hopes to open a saloon of her own.   After her graduation in May she will be moving from her home state of Pennsylvania to Wisconsin to enter the business world as a merchant analyst.  


April 20, 2010


Dear Artemisia,


Today is April 20, also known as "National Weed Day" to those who smoke. I am not one of those people. I am also not one of those people who go parading around telling people not to smoke or try to get them to change their lifestyle. People are just people, and they have the right to make their own choices even if people do not agree with them. I know that I will be asked multiple times today to smoke at some party during the day and tonight, but I will of course say no thanks.


Other people will be at parties with friends and feel pressure to smoke, peer pressure. I understand these pressures are out there but sometime don't get it. I just say no and never have any problems even when I'm asked multiple times and yet other kids said they feel they have to give into peer pressure. I think people need to be more like you and to stand up for themselves. In your situation you wanted to paint whatever you wanted and were not going to let anyone stand in your way. For these other kids they should be allowed to say no and not feel harassed, and if they are they should just remove themselves from the situation. Maybe I've had it easy or my friends just understand how I am and that smoking does not interest me.


Anyways, it is also my friends 22nd birthday so I will be out celebrating that tonight which will be a crazy night of events! I will have my fun without being high :)


Talk to you soon!






There will always be troubles I everyone's lives and choices that have to be made.  Growing up in my time it was all about the males. The held the power while the women sat back and played their role.  I however was different.

Painting was my getaway from everything.  I learned all of my skills from my father growing up who was well known for his artistic talents, but even then I was limited with the subjects I could paint and how I was allowed to paint them.  Nude paintings by a female were not allowed.  They thought women should only paint landscapes and still life and while I do appreciate those types of paintings, they did not capture my passion.  I wanted to paint real things, people, emotion, and that I could not do with still life.  I also struggled in being recognized for the work that I had done and man of times I had to give the credit of my beautiful paintings to a male figure.

You are lucky to be living in a time where there is freedom of speech and you have the power to do as you please.  Like me, you do not give into peer pressure.  Everyone should have the right to not feel pressured into anything; unfortunately that is not always how it turns out.  There will always be something that causes you to make a decision at a moment's time and it will not always be easy o just walk away.  As long as you know who you are and stand by that, you will be able to hold your head high.

Best Regards,





I agree, I am very lucky to live in a time where I have many freedoms and can express myself freely.  While I still had rules growing up, they were not nearly as grounded as it was for you.  I also know that having those set back, and not being allowed to do certain things, makes you strive to pursue them even more.  You were only allowed to paint certain things, like landscapes and still life, but that is not what you wanted.  Instead of taking a back seat and giving in to what other females were doing, you went down your own path and painted your friend nude.  You took charge of your life by following your passion and that is why you are so influential to me.

When I was younger my dad would not let my sisters and I paint our nails.  To this day I am not sure why this was, but it was a rule so I never had nail polish like other girls did.  As I got older I started painting my nails and my dad gave in and let me do it.  I would practice all the time because I wanted them to look professional, and it saved me money from having to visit the nail salon!  Now I am obsessed with cosmetology, and have become pretty good at my hobby, and hope that when I am settled with my life I want to open my own salon.  While I was held back as a kid, I think it worked to my advantage because it made me want to work harder to get my way, and now I want to run a business which is something I never thought of doing.  Now I have all of my friends asking me to do their nails, for free of course!

Like you said before, there will always be struggles, and I realize there will always be times that I can't have my way, but that just makes me work harder.

Time for dinner with my little sister.  Thanks for listening.





If I had the opportunity to grow up in your time now I wonder if I would have been different. I would have been free to be a painter and to be recognized for all of my work, but that would not have been as challenging as I had it and I am not sure if I would have as much passion for it. Sometimes the fact that you can't do something makes you want to do it more, like you mentioned with you and your dad. I wonder what my passion would be for. If I did stick with art I wonder if anyone would pay notice because there are now many female artists around, although they are not recognized for "greatness" as the past male artists are.

I think that it is great that they have women studies courses to learn about the struggles and lifestyles that were lived before your time. During my time men had all the power and now the power is more or less equal between the two genders. The times will always change, and I feel that people just need to follow their passion. It may not be the easiest path to go down, but they satisfaction of being your own person is worth the risks.

Best Regards,





I think you may have done thing differently if you were to grow up in my time. Even now I wonder if I had gone to a different college, or lived in a different part of the country, if I would be on the same path as I am now. I am following in my parents' footsteps and entering the business world once I graduate college this May. I have always had a knack for business and it is a good fit for me, but there are many other things that I am also interested in. I look back and think about the other opportunities I would have had if I decided to study a different subject.

Even while selecting my marketing major I had a plan for myself after graduation. I wanted to get a sales or advertising type job in New York City because I have always wanted to live there, and because I know a lot of other friends of mine who live in the city so it would be a comfortable place for me to fit in. But, as I mentioned before, we don't always follow the path we had in mind and we have to take it into our own hands to move forward and get what we want. I will be moving to Wisconsin for a corporate retail position which is the last thing I thought I would be doing. I am also moving out there alone and will have to work a little harder to start a new life on my own. It will be a challenge but life without challenges would not be worth living.

You have inspired me to work hard for what I want and I will do that when I move away.

Your friend,




Final Thoughts

I chose Artemisia as my female character-role model because learning about her life and watching her movie caught my attention. It was my favorite assignment this semester to write about and decided she inspired me most. Artemisia struggled to become a known painter during her time, which was difficult because it was a man's job and no a females. She had a great talent, better than that of many men, but still was not credited for most of her work.

Her struggles and the way she pushed through them made me think if struggles in my life. Although we had different struggles, I still realized we were alike in ways. I think we are similar in that we fight for what we want and do not stop until we get it. 

I wrote as both people but really considered what she actually might say to a young female today. I wrote her about things that were currently going on in my life, and tired that into things that matched her life.

Even though Artemisia was not recognized for her work in the 1600's, we talk about her now which helps spread the word about great females in the art world. I liked doing this assignment because it made me think about a strong female from the past and to put their life into perspective compared to mine. I realize how lucky I am to live in a time where there is so much freedom especially as a woman.  My parents would never try to hide my talent and would push me to be the best at it as I could be.  Being able to attend a school, and the school of my choice at that, is something Artemisia was turned away from, because of her gender.  This assignment also made me realize how technology can play a big role in research.  I read many online documents about Artemisia, along with watching the movie for class, and is how I came to know so much about her and why she inspires me.  Back in the 1600's, Artemisia did not have a computer, television, or even a radio to do research and to find her inspiration for painting.  She had to follow her father because it was all she knew.  Due to all of this, I can do anything I want without being criticized or having to hide my life. Everything is not right in our word today, but compared to the past it has come a long way.



Public Service Announcement

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IMG_0363.JPGI knew that I would be a business major even before I applied to come to Penn State.  One of the main reasons I did come here is because of the well recognized business program and the student's organizations within the Smeal College of Business.  The first organization I joined was Women in Business, which held different meetings each week to discuss how to empower women in the work force.  Many times each month a company would send representatives to cover different business topics, often surrounding how women are effected and the steps we take to achieve excellence among other topics.  It was here that I realized that there was so much inequality still existing between men and women in the workforce.  For this reason, I decided to do my PSA about inequality between men and women in the workforce:

We won't stop until we reach equality of the sexes.

The word sex itself sticks out and catches people eyes because it is usually a touchy and uncomfortable subject to display openly, and is why I used a form of that word in my PSA announcement. 

I decided it was best for me to make a t-shirt and wear it on a day I had class in the business building because a lot of people would see it and we are all business majors.  I also had an exam this week so I was in the business building for class during the day, and also stayed there after class into the night to study for my exam. This gave me the opportunity to have more people see my PSA.  I could have created a poster or flyer and stuck it somewhere, but because I had access to my target audience I wanted to be creative and went with the t-shirt.

In a recent report for Cleveland Ohio Business news read a headline, "Salary gap between men and women narrows, but it hasn't been erased, report shows".  It has been reported that women are still only making 79% of the wages men "receive", and I say receive because I do not think they earn this wage if a woman doing the same work is not equally paid for her work.  In this article it also talks about the gap narrowing between women and men in terms of education.  We go to the same schools, work hard to obtain the same degrees, and yet we still can't get equal pay?


My public service announcement relates to class because it spoke about the inequality of men and women.  Many of our assignments this semester dealt with this topic, including Artemisia, which I also chose for my letters project.  Before women we just not allowed to do certain things and were restricted by living life the way other planned for them.  Now we have the right to stand up for ourselves and that is exactly what women in the workforce have been doing.  We may have to work extra hard to show our skills, but if that is what it takes to be equal as men, that is what we need to do.  I do not think it is right, but if we sit back we will never see the equality we deserve.  Freud may have thought that because women "lack a penis" that we are not as good as they are, but we have proven otherwise.  I know that women have already come a long way with equality in the workforce and are now being recognized for their work and executive positions, but this is not enough.  If we are being recognized as doing the same jobs as men, we should be recognized with the pay to match.