Elizabeth Hajek - Assistant Professor of Geosciences


I am interested in using the stratigraphic record to reconstruct past landscape conditions and predict sedimentary-system dynamics. My current research interests include autogenic* sedimentary processes, reconstructing paleo-landscape dynamics,  quantitative stratigraphy, and basin analysis.

Much of my research is focused on ancient deposits, so my group often conducts fieldwork in places with excellent outcrop exposures of sedimentary rocks, including the western United States (Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah). Additionally, we utilize numerical and physical experiments and observations from modern depositional systems for further insight.

Several other Penn State Geoscience faculty are also interested in Sedimentology, Earth-Surface Processes, and Basin Analysis. Please visit the Department’s website for more information on these research programs.


Research Overview

I am currently looking for graduate students to start Fall 2016. Please see my research page for examples of the types of projects my students and I are pursuing. Information about applying to the graduate program can be found here.


Liz Hajek

Department of Geosciences

The Pennsylvania State University

511 Deike Building

University Park, PA 16802

office phone: 814 867 4418

email: hajek at psu.edu

web: http://www.geosc.psu.edu/academic-faculty/hajek-elizabeth

*”autogenic” processes result from internal dynamics in sedimentary systems as opposed to changes imposed by external factors such as climate, tectonics, or sea level. Channel avulsion is an example of an autogenic process.