January 1, 2008

Post Bacc information session

The next information session for the accelerated post bacc program will be from 6 - 8 pm on Jan 24th, 2008. Our program is filling up fast!

I've been busy during the winter break, making recordings of my classes. It's going to be an interesting program.

New Year's Eve 2008


Happy New Year

This photograph of the fireworks on New Year's Eve on the Delaware River was taken by my good friend, Bob Mann. See other examples of his amazing photography at: http://www.robimages.com/default.asp

December 29, 2007

Planning conference

The strategic planning conference is scheduled for Jan 10 - 12. I'm anxious to see how it all goes, as we've spent hours on the planning process for this conference.

November 12, 2007

Free Rice

http://freerice.com is a site that donates 10 grains of rice for every vocabulary word you answer correctly. The rice is donated via the United Nations and last year over 24,000 lbs of rice were donated. That's 700 million grains of rice!

November 4, 2007

Biology classes offered in the summer

The only biology class offered in the summer is BiSci 4. It is taught Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6 - 9:40 pm in Summer Session I (May through the end of June). BiSci 4 is the study of the human body, including some anatomy and physiology, for non-science majors.

Most of the negative comments about BiSci 4 in the summer are that there is too much information to learn in 6 weeks. Well, it's a 15 week course offered in 6 weeks. It's going to be a LOT of information. Another negative comment is that it's too much science. Well, it is a science class and by definition, it's going to be tough. I can assure all you non-science majors that the rigor of the science is very diluted but you are going to have to do science to complete the course. The final, most prevalent complaint about BiSci 4 in the summer is the length of time for the classes -- again, you've got 15 weeks of material to do in 6 weeks and this is the schedule. We also have weekly exams, but do you really want to have to prepare 8 - 10 chapters per exam?????

Biology 142

There is a conflict between the Biology 142 lab and Microbiology 106 lecture. I will open a section of Biol 142 specifically for people who have a conflict. Please contact me if you need to sign up for Biol 142 AND Micrb 106. Everyone else will need to take the Biology 142 that is scheduled for Tuesday evening.

October 31, 2007

Biology classes offered in the spring

Biology 240W – Animal and plant physiology for biology and other science majors. The prerequisites for this course are Biology 110 and Chemistry 110. This class is NOT recommended for students who are not science majors.

Biology 141 – Introductory physiology. This course is required by allied health majors. It may be helpful for biology majors who intend to take Biology 472. The material covered in Biology 141 is essentially the same as the material in BiSci 4, but at a level of detail appropriate for students who are planning careers in nursing, occupational or physical therapy, and radiologic imaging.

Biology 142 – Lab that accompanies Biology 141. Recommended only for allied health students. Prerequisite or concurrent: Biology 141. If you drop Biology 141 during the semester you must also drop Biology 142.

Biology 297_ - Medical Terminology. This course is required for every student who intends to go into radiologic imaging. It is recommended for all allied health students and any student interested in a health-related career.

Microbiology 106 – Elementary microbiology. This course is required for all nursing students. This is a good science class for non-science majors who need a GN.

Microbiology 107 – Elementary microbiology lab. This lab accompanies MICRB 106 and is required for all nursing students. MICRB 106 and 107 are good science classes for non-science majors who need a general science class with a lab. Prerequisite or concurrent: MICRB 106. If you drop MICRB 106 during the semester you must also drop MICRB 107.

October 29, 2007

Biology classes offered in the fall

The biology classes offered in the fall semester includes:

Biology 110 - This is the introductory level biology class for biology and agriculture students. This is a breadth course where we cover a new topic every lecture but in more depth than our students have done in high school. It's a challenging class and it requires dedication and motivation to do well.

Biology 230W - Cell Biology. This is a class for biology majors where we concentrate on functions of cells. It is a depth class, with a writing component.

Biology 129 - Mammalian Anatomy. Biology 129 is required for students interested in a career in allied health (nursing, OT, PT, etc).

October 28, 2007

Post Bacc Medical Sciences Program

We're getting ready to launch the Post Bacc Medical Sciences program, starting in March 2008. Our first information session will be on November 13th from 5 - 7 pm.

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