Sunny Sunday

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I can't believe how beautiful this day is. It's so warm and the sun is shining so bright. I can't believe how wonderful this is. The best part about today is that my parents came to visit me and have an early dinner. I havent seen them in a while and I havent felt this good. This is just what I needed. I missed my family so much.

My dad worked on my car and finally (after 4 months) put my steering wheel cover on. Yes. He also sat on my couch and watched my tv (which i knew he wanted to see my 42' 3D TV)

My mom made macaroni and cheese and my sister ate all my ice cream. It was the first time I truly made dinner for my family and they loved it. That made me so happy. They came to visit for a couple hours and we talked about everything.

There's nothing like family.

Freaky Friday

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Well... I lost the election. That's okay, I'll have in my resume that I was Vice-President my sophomore year.

Nothing crazy happened today at alll....

Went on a date with my boyfriend after it being so long overdue. We decided to do something not so pricey this time and we went to happy hour at Applebee's and ate appetizers, then went to the movies to see 21 Jump Street I dont think it was that funny.

I did however get my 8 page paper done and I can say that that's something big to lift off of my shoulders.

Turning in early tonight, work in the morning...

it's weird how I should feel extremely happy but I feel very miserable, just too many thoughts in my mind...thats what a long semester of too much work will do to ya.

More involvement

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So I everywhere I went on this campus, I was stopped by the one and only Dr. Chris Rizzo and he would start off the conversation like this:
Dr. Rizzo: Daina! How are you
Me: I'm well Dr. Rizzo, and yourself
Dr. Rizzo: I'm good...hey what does your schedule look like for next year?
Me: Well I'm doing about 15-16 credits and playing volleyball, something easy this year...
Dr. Rizzo: sounds good, we were thinking about you running for SGA President
Me: Me? No I don't know about that...
Dr. Rizzo: Why not? You have been in it before and we need someone older who has been around the block and you are the perfect candidate, Here's a packet give it a try.
Me: Okay, I'll think about it.

That's how the conversation would go every time I seen him and at one point I seen him and ran the other direction. The funny thing is that he found me, eventually.

So why not take a chance and do the petition and run. The worst that can happen is that I'll lose.....Let's bring on the election!

I'm sickly and I know it

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So I havne't been happy in a while, Why is this?...

Is it because I'm taking 20.5 credits? My jobs are stressing me out? Those are all the reasons as to why I'm not happy and to top it off, I've been sick for 3 weeks since the weather has changed. I thought it was my allergies, but come to find out it was bronchitis. I never had bronchitis before and I didn't like the constant coughing everyday. Plus I didn't have a voice, I sounded like I was from Brooklyn (no offense to those from there), but I had the most outrageous accent for no reason.

I finally feel better after all this time and I thank my boyfriend for that and taking care of me and doing things that i couldn't usually do. Now I'm back on the grind to finsih out this semsester... WOO HOO!

Remarkable Speaker

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So I decided since I havent been to a guest speaker here on campus ALL SEMESTER, I've decided to sit in on Juan Melendez. He is a guest speaker and human activist who was wrongly convicted of murder and spent over 17 years on death row. It was somethign I was interested in going considering I'm a Administration of Justice major, and I have to say his story touched me.

There is so many things in my life and events going on in the United States that is pushing me forward to wanting to pursue a career in Criminal Justice. Not sure of what I want to do yet, but I do know that I want to do something good and help other people.

I think out of all the guest speakers, this man has to infact be one of my favorites. You really felt his story and you heard it in his voice of the things he went through. If I can take back one thing that he had said, he said, " Take life and cherish it every moment. Live your life as if it was your last." I think I will take those words into consideration.

Spring Break! FINALLY!

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(Deep breath in... deep breath out...) I can finally say that I have had a week of nothing, but relaxtion. My spring break didn't consist of sitting on the beach or going camping or sitting next to my annoying little sister on a road trip, but I had the oppurtunity to go to the USCAA National Basketball Championship with our Penn State Beaver Men's Basketball Team! I was invited by my friend Alexis, who is the sports writer for out athletic website and fellow lion ambassador. I was excited to go not only to be with her, and to see my boyfriend and the team, but to also stay at Nemacolin Resort (of course WHY NOT, IT WAS FREE, YOU'D GO TOO haha). The first night we went to see Project X and eat dinner. The second day we went to the Fayette campus (which it was held) to register and see the skills competition. It was fun and to see my boyfriend, Tony participate in the 3-point contest and my friend Chris Weathers in the dunk contest made it interesting, even though they didn't win.

That same night was a banquet that I couldnt go to because there was enough seating so I ventured off by myself and enjoyed a nice dinner at the resort and spent time in the jacuzzi getting a massage and aromatherapy (SWEEEEEEEET). The next day we went to watch the, practice and back to Fayette's campus to see other basketball games (since we had a bye) and meet new people.

The next day was game day... Penn State Beaver against St. Joe's College...such an exciting game everyone was into it, people were yelling screaming shouting and cheering! The energy was up! Then.... the unthinkable happened....we lost....86-66. The ride to get food was quiet and unbearable. We had a long night ahead and had to play the next day. Penn State Beaver against EMCC (East Maine Community College) playing for 5th place. We won that game! It was really good and the energy was up there as well. it was a sad game to watch considering it was the very LAST game to watch Tony play for Beaver.

The experience was good and I had fun. I met a lot of new people and spent time with my friends. To end my spring break... I got the stomach flu..oy! But It was one week that I can say was good.




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