19th Annual 18th- and 19th-Century British Women Writers Conference

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The 19th Annual 18th- and 19th-Century British Women Writers Conference
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

Deadline: November 1, 2010

Website: http://bwwc2011.osu.edu

Keynote Speakers: Helen Deutsch and Sharon Marcus
Plenary Panel: Caroline Levine, Sandra Macpherson and Robyn Warhol

Call for Papers:
The theme for this year's conference is "Curiosities." We encourage
submissions that consider how the concept of curiosity--in its dual
meaning of intellectual pursuit and particular material
objects--influenced the lives and work of eighteenth- and
nineteenth-century women writers, and continues to drive our
scholarship today. We welcome interdisciplinary approaches to this
topic, and are especially interested in both the ways in which women
of this period expressed curiosity about their world through science,
politics, philosophy, travel, religion, and art, and the ways in which
these same questing, curious women became the subjects and objects of
inquiry themselves.

Proposals for panels and individual papers might consider, but are not
limited to, the following issues in women's writing of the "long"
eighteenth and nineteenth centuries:

Curious Explorations
- Travel writings/art; ethnographies
- Colonialism and Empire
- Immigration and emigration
- Adventure stories
- Self-exploration: memoir, autobiography, biography
- Imaginative Exploration: fantasy, dreams

Curious Bodies
- Maternity; Sexuality; Race and ethnicity
- Women and disability
- "Freak" studies
- Bodies on display: actresses, dancers , "public women"

Morbid Curiosity
- The Gothic
- Supernatural investigations; spiritualism; afterlife
- Scandal; roman à clef
- Bluebeard Tales: the "dangers" of female curiosity

Shameful Curiosities & Curious Feelings
- Suspense and Sensation
- Affect; Desire; Disgust
- Forbidden Texts/ Banned Books
- Pornography

Curiosity vs. Privacy
- Voyeurism and eavesdropping
- Gossip
- "Private" Genres: letters, diary, closet drama
- Epistolary novels
- The private sphere
- Private legacies: wills, estates, inheritance

Cabinets of Curiosities
- Collections and collectors
- Women and/as commodities
- Domestic objects
- Consumerism; shopping; possessions
- Exhibitions and museums

Curious Inquiries
- Science and medicine; The Case Study
- Education/ the pursuit of knowledge
- Philosophical and religious investigations
- "The Woman Question"
- Journalism
- Crime and investigation: women's crime fiction; mystery writing; the
female detective
- Experimentation (artistic, scientific, personal)

NOTE: The journal Prose Studies will be publishing a special issue
based upon papers presented at this conference; therefore, we
especially encourage proposals focusing on forms of non-fictional
prose in addition to work on poetry, drama, fiction, etc.

Individual proposals should be two pages: a cover sheet including
name, presentation title, university affiliation, address, e-mail
address, phone number, and brief biographical paragraph; and a
500-word abstract.

Panel proposals should include a coversheet--including panel title,
presenters' names, presentation titles, university affiliations,
addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, brief biographical
paragraphs, and the name of a moderator--followed by separate abstracts
(500-word) that describe the significance of the panel topic and each

Please do not include any identifying information on the
abstracts.Proposals must be submitted electronically as an attachment
in .doc or .rtf format by Nov. 1, 2010 to the conference e-mail
address at: bwwc2011@gmail.com

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