Facebook goes all in

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Last week, I chided Facebook for not fully supporting IPv6. Time for me to eat some humble pie -- their CDN now supports IPv6. Looks like most of the functionality is there (chat isn't working yet, but hopefully that's coming soon). Congrats to the FB team for all their hard work!

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Timothy said:

Nice to see them live up to this promise early! I wonder if Twitter will follow suit.

Btw - Don't suppose you'd be wiling to do a review of my firefox extension before v6 launch day? I'd appreciate the exposure :)

Paul Saab said:

Chat unfortunately won't be ready by 6/6. it will come soon though. I know people want to use pure ipv6 to talk to Facebook but chat just didn't make it in time, but we are committed to having 100% of our services ove v6

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