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Last week, I chided Facebook for not fully supporting IPv6. Time for me to eat some humble pie -- their CDN now supports IPv6. Looks like most of the functionality is there (chat isn't working yet, but hopefully that's coming soon). Congrats to the FB team for all their hard work!

Facebook got some attention recently for turning on IPv6 on Unfortunately, they didn't enable it on their CDN, so Facebook is useless over an IPv6-only connection.

By contrast, Google+ works just fine. I did a side-by-side comparison earlier today on a v6-only VM (on a network that's in Google's IPv6 whitelist). G+, on the right, shows everything. FB shows an empty white box. I've been really impressed with Google's multi-year investment in IPv6. It's really paying off.

Facebook versus Google Plus on an IPv6-only connection
Nmap has had rudimentary IPv6 support for a while, but, frankly, it's been pretty limited. A new version was just released today with much improved support.

Some highlights:

  • Raw packet support
  • OS detection
  • Neighbor Discovery ping
  • New IPv6 detection techniques (including some neat tricks with MLD and SLAAC).
This is just in time for World IPv6 Launch Day. Go update now.