Rogue RA while shopping for shiny laptops

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I walked into Penn State's Computer Store today to ogle a Macbook Air. Out of habit, I opened Terminal and ran ifconfig. The box had an 6to4 IPv6 address from a rogue router somewhere in the HUB (probably someone's Windows laptop running Internet Connection Sharing). Fortunately, I was still able to get to various IPv6 sites, but we really need to fix this. I know we're doing a better job policing this in the dorms, but I'm seeing more and more of this stuff on the wireless networks across campus.

IPv6 is on our networks whether we put it there or not. Let's step up, treat it as a production service, and deploy native IPv6 rather than let unsuspecting students and staff do it for us with tunnels.

And, no, I didn't buy the shiny laptop. Even if it is really svelte.

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