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Four more gone.

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Four /8s were just allocated from the central, IANA IPv4 pool. (5 and 37 to the European registrar, and 23 and 100 to the North American registrar). Less than 3% of the IPv4 address pool remains.

The central IPv4 pool will be gone before the snow melts here in central Pennsylvania. Its likely that the Asia-Pacific registrar will get another large allocation early next year, and that will be the end of it. Please, start deploying IPv6 now if you haven't already.

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I just saw this come across Sixy: CNN has an IPv6 site. And it has real content:

This is fantastic! As expected, not all of the CNN's content loads over IPv6 (videos, and parts of the CDN still are v4-only), but this is a big step forward.