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Feds using IPv6

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Major news from the US federal government: They're going to start using IPv6.

Last week, Federal CIO Vivek Kundra issued a directive that all federal agencies must make their public facing services reachable via IPv6 by 2012. Internal services must use IPv6 by 2014. Read the full memo here.

This is major. In 2005, the feds issued a mandate that "all agency infrastructures (network backbones) must support IPv6" by June 30, 2008. But that mandate only required that network equipment be upgraded to support IPv6; it didn't require that agencies actually use IPv6. Many agencies upgraded their backbone, ping'ed something over IPv6, and then promptly turned IPv6 off.

Still, the previous mandate did accomplish a lot. It forced vendors to actually support IPv6, and it spurred a lot of standards work to detail what "supports IPv6" means. But I'm thrilled that now v6 is actually going to be used.