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T-Mobile USA is running an open beta (or "friendly user trial") of their IPv6-over-cellular service. If you're a T-Mobile USA customer, and have the right phone, you should check this out.

What's note-worthy about this trial is that it's self-service. Unlike the Comcast or Verizon FIOS trials, you don't have to apply and wait for approval and new gear.

To participate in the T-Mobile USA IPv6 beta service, you must:

  • Be a T-Mobile USA subscriber with an unlimited data plan

  • Have T-Mobile coverage, not roaming or WiFi

  • Have a Nokia 5230 Nuron or the Nokia E73 Mode phone. The N900 also works, but it's IPv6 support is much less mature.

  • Be willing to help T-Mobile improve the service, forgive us as we grow and refine the service, and accept that this beta service is not supported within any T-Mobile support channel, including Customer Care or any T-Mobile store or reseller. This Google groups forum is the only channel for IPv6 support during the beta friendly user trial.

  • Accept that the service is still evolving and that many services like Visual Voice Mail, MyAccount, MMS (picture messages), and several other services do not yet work. Web and Email both work well, but many other data services are still coming online with IPv6.

Android devices aren't supported because of a bug with the Qualcomm chip used by many devices.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, T-Mobile USA is using DNS64/NAT64, so you should expect a few kinks (but my experience with Ecdysis's NAT64 has been very positive).

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