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Two more

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Two more IPv4 address blocks have been allocated (31 and 176). Both went to the European registry. 18 out of 256 blocks are left (7%). If you factor in the n=1 proposal, we're down to 5% free.

Hurry up and deploy IPv6, folks.

Here's what the IPv4 address space looks like now:

After years of griping, it's finally happening: IPv6 on my smartphones (yes, I have several).

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my Nexus One supports IPv6 (apparently Android has had IPv6 support for a while). Here's a shot showing the APNIC website over IPv6 (notice my IPv6 address is the upper right corner):

According to AppleInsider, Apple is following Google's lead, and adding IPv6 support to iPhone OS 4.0 (thanks to Bob Hinden for the tip). Here's a leaked screenshot from a 4.0 beta:

In the righthand image, notice the toggle for IPv6.

I should note that both Android 2.x and iPhoneOS 4.0 will only support IPv6 over Wifi. Apparently the cellular industry is still trying to figure out how to make IPv6 work.