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Two more gone

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Late last week, the IANA allocated two more /8s from the IPv4 free pool. Both blocks (14/8 and 223/8) went to the Asia-Pacific registry.

The IANA IPv4 free pool has less than 8% left.

Just saw the announcement:

"FiOS is a key service that can take advantage of IPv6," said Jean McManus, executive director - packet network technology for Verizon. "We've been working on an IPv6 transition plan for FiOS along with our other residential and enterprise services, and this work involves testing network equipment and making necessary customer premises equipment changes to ensure interoperability and proper operation of equipment. The FiOS trial is a key step toward enabling IPv6 in our core network, on edge routers and on CPE."

Verizon's month-long trial of IPv6 involves FiOS-enabled customer homes with customized CPE - provided by Verizon - that can support both IPv6 and IPv4. The dual protocol setup will also be implemented on Verizon's edge gateway routers. Verizon employs 6PE technology, which uses IPv6-provider edge routers to connect across the company's IPv4 MPLS core. The IPv6 traffic is then sent over IPv6-capable peering connections.

First Comcast, now Verizon. This is good news.