Down we go...

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Quick on the heels of last month's allocation, yesterday the IANA allocated two more IPV4 address blocks to ARIN, the North American address registrar. (The blocks in question are 50/8 and 107/8).

The IANA free pool is down to 8.5%. If you factor in the "n=1" proposal, we're at 6.6% free.

Despite this bad news, 2010 is starting on several positive notes:

Watch this space.

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Michiel said:

Two more blocks gone is not bad news per sé. It means the InterNet is still growing and that is good. The bad news is not that the IPv4 address space is running out, that is hardly news, we knew this would happen well over a decade ago. The bad news is that the InteNet community and the industry are so slow to respond. Try to find a SOHO router that supports IPv6. Only the very high end ones do.

Guido said:

How can a SOHO router support v6 without ISPs indicating which wan connection models they are supporting? 6to4 is unreliable. 6rd is a reliable extension to 6to4 but has existed only a very short time. DHCPv6 has been around for some time but vendors are slow to implement it. And for good reason, since the ISPs are not running it yet.

The chicken and the egg. But they circle toward the drain together, eventually it will not matter which needs to come first.

Derek Morr Author Profile Page said:

I use a static tunnel from HE at my home. My ISP (Comcast) has announced IPv6 trials, and I've made sure that my home router supports 6to4, DHCPv6, and static configuration.

Michiel said:

So what home router are you using? My stance is that new network equimpment I buy should be IPv6 ready. But I have not yet found a home router with IPv6 that I find affordable.

Derek Morr Author Profile Page said:

I have two routers at home: An Apple Airport Extreme and a D-Link DIR-615c1. I switch between the two periodically.

Glad to hear the Airport does IPv6, I was unaware of that. Do you know if anyone has compiled a list of IPv6 capable COTS devices? If not I think that would be a very valuable reference. Perhaps if I can find some time I will put one together (unless you beat me to it ;)).

Michal said:

@Derek: Does either of your modems support DHCPv6 over PPP on ADSL?

I'm on ADSL/v6 trial and had to use a Linux router with ADSL PCI card because none of the consumer-grade ADSL routers I had access to supported native IPv6 over DSL. I have yet to try OpenWRT...

Gerald Combs said:

@Chris: ARIN keeps a list of IPv6-capable CPE devices at

Cameron said:

T-Mobile USA has also announced a "friendly user trial" More details at this IETF post

Jack Colt said:

Anyone from Broadview Heights?

I am looking for IPv6 routers for home use but can't seem to get one somewhere here.

I appreciate any info.

martin said:

well it may be somewhat bad. but Arin is also a good option. as you cn see that after being establishing in dec 1997 they also did some big deciion.ARIN AT A GLANCE :
"Established in December 1997, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) is a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA."
i use VistaBay to see more details.
well rest about Google's ipv6 streamig on youtube. then really its great. i am enjoying it from my Office.

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