Some stats updates

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It's been a few months since my last stats update, and there's been some progress:

New IPv6-reachable DNS:

  • Northern Lights GigaPOP
  • University of Minnessota
  • University of Washington

At Penn State, we IPv6-enabled one more of our root servers, bringing our total to 50%.

For the top-level domains, we picked up a few more IPv6-reachable domains: Madagascar, Macau, and Somalia. But we lost Niue.

Internet2 Email:

There's been good progress IPv6-enabling DNS in Internet2, but much less progress with email servers. Recently, there's been some progress: University of Maine and Virginia Tech have IPv6-enabled their incoming mail servers. However, the University of South Florida took down their IPv6 mail server in late March. Only five members of Internet2 have IPv6-reachable email servers:

  • 3ROX
  • KanREN
  • UCLA
  • U. Maine
  • Virginia Tech

This doesn't compare favorably to the 45 I2 members with IPv6-reachable DNS.

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