IPv6 management

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Today, VMware released vSphere 4.0. vSphere 4.0 has several new IPv6 features:

  • IPv6 TSO and checksum offloading
  • Service Console is reachable over IPv6
  • vmkernel has IPv6 support
I'm particularly happy that the Service Console supports IPv6. A long-standing issue has been: Can I manage my infrastructure components over IPv6? For too many devices, the answer is no.

In ET, we've made IPv6 support an issue. Fortunately, we can manage our IP-based serial consoles and our IP-based KVM over IPv6. Even our networked printer can be managed over IPv6 (following an upgrade to a newer JetDirect card). If you're careful about what you buy, you can get a fair bit of your management network IPv6-ified.

Now if IBM would just add IPv6 support to the BladeCenter Management Module....

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JohnS said:

Just an FYI: The service console of ESX 4 is redhat enterprise linux 5.1 64 bit.

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