Two more down

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Yesterday, the IANA allocated two /8s to the Asia-Pacific region. The global IPv4 pool is down to 11.7% free:

Except that it's actually a little less than 11.7%. Last month, the "n=1" proposal was adopted by ICANN. This policy sets aside one /8 for each Regional Internet Registries (RIRs):

There are five RIRs. If you exclude the five reserved /8s, the IPv4 pool has only 25 /8s free, or 9.7%. That's a pretty sobering reality.

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Hi Derek. This is sobering news if the IPv4 pool is now below 10 percent available. We're already nearly midway through 2009 and the clock is ticking. Please keep posting this type of critical data. We're doing everything we can to get the message out that people should be making the switch to IPv6 now instead of later. Your IPv4 Exhaustion Counter is certainly telling the story.

Jennifer Geisler
Senior Manager, Network Systems Marketing

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