New Snort release with IPv6 support

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Snort 2.8.4 was released today. There are several compelling reasons to upgrade. One of them is that 2.8.4 has much improved IPv6 support.

Snort has had basic IPv6 support for a while, but 2.8.4 adds IPv6 support for Frag3 and the application preprocessors (SMTP, FTP/Telnet, DCE/RPC, SSL, DNS, Portscan).

IDS support has been a stumbling block for IPv6 deployment, so I'm really glad to see this.

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Edurne said:

I'm really interesting in the development of Snort and IPv6. Is there any book which talks about this? Any snort rules for IPv6?

Thank you so much.

John Samson said:

We keep waiting for IPv6 to be viable but I guess until we run out of IP's under 4 it won't happen,
great post

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