2008 - Another record year for IPv6

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Several of the RIRs have released their 2008 annual reports. 2008 was another record year for IPv6 allocations:

The above image (taken from the RIPE NCC 2008 Annual Report) shows IPv6 initial allocations by the regional registries. The blue line is Europe, Middle East and parts of Asia. The green line is the US and Canada. The purple line is the Asia/Pacific region (including Australia). All three regions showed enormous growth in IPv6 allocations from 2007-2008.

This is good news, since we'll need every year from now on to be a record year if we're going to get IPv6 deployed in any reasonable timeframe.

It's interesting that Africa (the red line) and Latin America (the yellow line) didn't show any real growth. Those regions could be acutely affected by IPv4 depletion, as they have very few IPv4 addresses to begin with.

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Hi Derek,

Thanks for keeping the dialogue going and updates about IPv6 uptake. I'll be video blogging at Interop 2009 starting May 17 and would love to add any specific topics you have in mind that I can ask attendees since you are really following this subject closely. If you are attending, I would love to get together with you and exchange ideas and insights via an interview. Anyway, always glad to see your ongoing posting. I'm hoping we have another record year, too.

All the best,
Jennifer Geisler

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