Developing a plan for IPv6

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Oy, it's been a while since my last update. Lots of news to report. I'll spread that out over several posts.

Last month, I gave a talk on Campus IPv6 Deployment at the Winter 2009 Internet2 Joint Techs workshop in College Station, TX. The gist of the talk was that the main barrier to IPv6 deployment is attitude and perception. Although there are plenty of technical issues to overcome, the technology is good enough for initial deployment, and we have to start doing that now. The hurdle to overcome is attitudes like "no one is using IPv6" and "IPv6 is a network issue."

People are using IPv6. And there's a lot more to a successful IPv6 deployment than upgrading some routers and firewalls.

I've never seen IPv6 as a network issue. Maybe it's because I'm not a network engineer. Maybe it's because I've always thought the OSI model was a fiction. But I approach IPv6 deployment from the perspective of services not devices. E.g., what services do we need to IPv6-enable to make IPv6-only machines viable from a policy compliance perspective?

We have some good news to report on this front. At Penn State, we've got a fair bit of buy-in about the importance of IPv6 from the senior leadership in central IT. Our deputy CIO has tasked me with leading a team to develop an IPv6 deployment plan for central IT. We're only about two months in, so we don't have much to report yet. I should say that we are only charged with developing a plan; we're not yet implementing it, although I am pushing for little bits of deployment whenever I can. We should have the final report done in a few months, and I should be able to post more then.

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