Cisco's IPv6 release schedule

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A few months ago, I blogged about Cisco's new IPv6 licensing plan for IPv6: They're no longer requiring more expensive IOS feature packs to get IPv6 support. They plan to slowly roll this out across late 2008 and into 2009.

Now they've announced details on specific models:

This comes from a talk they gave last month at the Workshop on the IPv6 development in Saudi Arabia.

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Derek, I couldn't agree with you more. Now is the time for folks to gear up for IPv6. Remember the rush to prepare for Y2K? A lot of people waited until the very last minute. Well, there's a similar imperative for customers to prepare for the transition to IPv6 as the number of IPv4 addresses diminishes as we near 2011. Here's hoping we all learn from the past and not wait until the final minutes run out of the clock. Really enjoy your posts and look forward to reading more of them.

Jennifer Geisler, Manager of Network Systems Networking and Switching for Cisco

Derek Morr Author Profile Page said:


When does Cisco plan to deploy IPv6 internally and on its public-facing services? It would do a lot for IPv6 if the big network vendors deployed it themselves.

Large companies can be a major force in IPv6 adoption. In fact, Cisco has an IPv6 Deployment Council consisting of blue chip companies, government entities, service providers and content providers customers. The focus is not 'if' but 'how' as many companies considering IPv6 deployment equivalent to Y2k. Granted, each member is at various stages of adoption. Cisco has some IPv6 internal implementations. As far as externally, please stay tuned for further developments.

Hi Derek,

Have you seen the latest from the U.S. Govt on their plan/roadmap for moving forth on IPv6?
Check it out at:

Jennifer Geisler, Sr Manager, Cisco Network Systems

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