What's the matter with Kansas?

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Absolutely nothing.

KanREN, the Kansas Research & Education Network, is doing a lot with IPv6. As best as I can tell, they're the second Internet2 member to have IPv6-enabled web, email and DNS services (3Rox was first). So, hat's off to them!

This is particularly relevant, since two more IPv4 address blocks were allocated today (blocks 110 and 111, to the Asia Pacific registrar). Only 14% of the IPv4 address space is unallocated.

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Fort Scott Community College is a KanREN member institution that just finished the first stages of our IPv6 deployment. We now have our authoritative DNS servers fully v6 enabled as well as our primary web server. KanREN has been an invaluable resource in the process.

We're excited to be able to provide our students access to a protocol destined to be in the workplace in 4-6 years when they graduate.


Derek Morr Author Profile Page said:

Great to hear. Did you have any difficulties with deploying v6 for DNS and www?

I expected far more problem than I actually experienced, we had two fairly recent BIND DNS servers, so the process simply consisted of making AAAA records in our existing zone files and adding a single line to the config file to allow it to listen on the v6 interface.

The web server was nearly as easy. I expected W2k3 and IIS to give me fits, but in fact, it was quite easy. And the Juniper Firewall simply needed an OS upgrade.

We're taking a lot of pride this week in having implemented it before most of the Internet2 community at large. My talented staffers (only 4 of us) have implemented it over 500+ desktops, 6 campuses and at least 6 desktop / server operating systems. :-)

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