IPv6 on the cheap

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Many manufacturers support IPv6 in their products, but charge extra for it. Cisco, for example, makes customers purchase more expensive feature packs for IOS to gain IPv6 support. This is starting to change.

Cisco is phasing-out their "IPv6 for a premium" policy. They're now offering IPv4 and IPv6 features in the same feature packs. This policy is starting with the Catalyst 6500 series, but will be expanded to other product lines throughout 2009.

From the horse's mouth:

Cisco is ... offering packaging parity for IPv6 with IPv4 such that IPv6 feature support for a technology will be packaged in the same feature set as IPv4. For example, IPv6 feature support for BGP will be packaged in IP Services where BGP for IPv4 resides today. This new IOS packaging for IPv6 is starting on Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(33)SXI, and will get propagated to other IOS release trains in future.

I'd like to think that Internet2 played some role in this decision. They've publicly lambasted Cisco for gouging customers for IPv6.

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