AMS-IX breaks a gig

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AMS-IX, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, is the largest public Internet exchange in the world. Today, their native IPv6 traffic crossed 1 Gbit/sec:

It was only a temporary peak, but it's still a milestone. Congrats.

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Noted at AMS-IX breaks a gig by Derek Morr: Living with IPv6: The AMS-IX, Amsterdam Internet Exchange has broken the barrier of 1 gigabit/second IPv6 traffic. Their total traffic is at 564 gigabit/second but this is still a nice peak in IPv6 traffic. Read More


Mo6 said:

Probably because I switched my photoblog to a dual stacked box.. :))

Sergey Cheban said:

Yesterday, the 1.2G was reached. And we have 1 Gbps maximum everyday for the last week.

Derek Morr Author Profile Page said:

I saw that. That's great. Is this increased traffic from the same set of connectors, or is it due to more connectors enabling IPv6?

Sergey Cheban said:

I don't know.
Btw, since today, the logarithmic view of the "Ether type" statistics is available:
It shows the slow growth of the IPv6 traffic percentage.

That is great buddy. That peak is really amazing.
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Terry said:

The graph is very nice. IPv6 will rock this world in few days.
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