C'mon, Apple. Give me IPv6 on the iPhone.

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iPhone 2.0 is out. It still doesn't enable IPv6. I wasn't optimistic that it would be added in iPhone 2.0, but I'm still sad to see Apple abdicate leadership on this issue, especially since Mac OS X has had solid IPv6 support for years. Many handset OSes already support IPv6.

Qualcomm's proprietary BREW platform has supported IPv6 since version 3.1.5. Nokia's snazzy new N78 and N96 both support it as well. Actually, all of Nokia's E-Series, N-Series, and most of their Communicator, 6000- and 7000-Series phone have supported IPv6 since 2005. Microsoft added support in 2003. Symbian, VxWorks, QNX and J2ME also support it.

The good news is that much of Apple's SDK is IPv6-clean, so 3rd-party apps should be IPv6-capable. Hopefully it will just be a matter of Apple enabling v6 on a later software update.

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Truman Boyes said:

Agreed, Apple should have enabled IPv6 on the iPhone to at least allow providers to enable IPv6 on their GGSNs, etc and to try out some new applications. Enabling IPv6 on mobile networks where proxies and walled gardens can exist are actually the easiest networks to roll out IPv6 because the provider can launch their own services that need not target the whole Internet.


Richard Lotz said:

I too was hoping to see an IPv6 toggle in the 2.0 firmware. I figure it can't hurt to provide Apple some feedback to indicate people would like to see it.

PS. Your federated authentication mechanisms don't seem to work (either LJ or OpenID).

Mo6 said:

It's a shame IPv6 isn't enabled on the iPhone. Especially when the Apple Airport Extreme and Apple Time Capsule make supporting IPv6 in your local network so easy.

George said:

Shame, still no IPv6 support on the iPhone 2.2 firmware...

Lapo Luchini said:

No IPv6 in firmware 3.1 either.

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