This week's IPv6 update

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Apologies for the delay in blogging. I've been busy doing IPv6 testing for a couple of projects.

I worked with Gyaz Square to improve the IPv6 support in GyazMail, an email client for Mac OS X. GyazMail is billed as an improved version of Apple's client. While I remain a happy Thunderbird user, I'm always curious about the state of IPv6 in mail software. There were a couple of IPv6 bugs in GyazMail 1.5, which should be fixed in the forthcoming 1.5.8 release. I have to say that it was a pleasure to work with their developer, Goichi Hirakawa. He was very eager to incorporate suggestions.

The other area I've been focusing on is DHCPv6 support. There's huge variation in the quality of support among different OSes, from excellent (Vista) to none at all (Mac OS X). I found several bugs in the Fedora DHCPv6 client. I sent in a patch to them, which was incorporated into version 1.0.14. I have a second patch in the works to fix a related issue, which I should be able to submit next week. As with GyazMail, their lead devloper, David Cantrell, was very amicable and promptly applied my patch.

Speaking of DHCPv6, I was sad to see that the new Fedora 9 still breaks DHCPv6. Long story short - if you select to use DHCPv6 in the installer, it doesn't get used, and the firewall blocks DHCPv6. This has been a long-standing bug in Fedora and RedHat. I had some hope that it would get fixed in Fedora 9.

That's it for this week. I should have more to report soon.

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Bill Author Profile Page said:

In response to my inquiry about DHCPv6, Nominum wrote back to let me know:

We have implemented IPv6 functionality in DCS [Nominum's DHCP server software], and it's slated for a controlled release at the end of the year (December tentatively). A GA (General Availability) release is planned for later.
Derek Morr Author Profile Page said:

Excellent news. Did they elaborate on which DHCPv6 features they plan to support? If possible, could we get access to a beta release?

Bill Author Profile Page said:

I don't have any details yet. We can probably get a beta. I'll follow their progress with it.

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