Posters, Europe, and Bugs

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It's been a busy week in IPv6 world.

I'm giving a poster session entitled "IPv6 essentials for Web Developers" at the Web 2008 conference on campus next month. The poster will actually be a set of three banners, and they look great. I'll post a PDF once the conference is over.

IANA allocated two more IPv4 blocks (112 and 113, both to the Asia-Pacific registrar). This means we only have 15% of IPv4 space unallocated:

In international news, the European Union encouraged "[c]ompanies and public sector institutions in the European Union should switch to using the new Internet protocol IPv6 by 2010." The EU also urged its member countries to IPv6-enabled their public-facing services (web, email, etc). This dovetails nicely with an OECD report from two weeks ago which also encouraged IPv6 adoption.

In software news, yesterday, Apple released Security Update 2008-003 for Mac OS X 10.4. This update fixed a bug in Mail which prevented SMTP from working over IPv6 (Apple bug 5655461). I reported this issue to Apple several months ago, and I'm glad it's finally fixed (Apple even credited me in the release notes). This update also fixed a bug where Mail wouldn't fallback to IPv4 if IPv6 failed (now if I could only get Opera to do the same...).

In my ongoing DHCPv6 testing, I found a bug in Windows 2008 and Vista. Windows 2008 isn't formatting the DNS Search Domain properly, breaking Unix and Linux clients.

I'm also working on patches to the Fedora DHCPv6 and WIDE DHCPv6 projects to add more sanity checking to the DNS Search Domain option.

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