PSU allows recursive DNS queries over IPv6

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TNS has fixed a long-standing bug with otc2, one of our authoritative DNS servers. As of today, recursive DNS queries will now be answered for users within Penn State's IPv6 network (2610:8::/32).

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Bill Simon said:

Not a bug, but an oversight. I know it's going to hurt you to hear it, but sometimes we forget about IPv6. :-) (If it makes you feel any better, we forgot about allowing the RFC 1918 addresses to query recursively at first, too.)

Derek Morr Author Profile Page said:

Believe me, I'm well aware that TNS sometimes forgets about IPv6. :) When TNS cut over to RED1 in November, and again when they cut back in January, they broke IPv6 routing at the border.

Making sure that you factor IPv6 into your network operations is part of the on-going cost of IPv6 migration.

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