Mobile IPv6 support

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One of the main factors driving IPv6 adoption will likely be Internet-enabled mobile devices -- cell phones, tablets, PDAs, handheld game devices, etc. Increasingly, these devices will require "always-on" IP connectivity. That need, coupled with the high number of these devices and the decreasing IPv4 address space, makes IPv6 very appealing. IPv6 also has much better support for autoconfiguration and multicast.

There was a very good presentation by Nokia on the benefits of IPv6 for handheld devices at the Global IPv6 Summit in China 2007:

The good news is that IPv6 is very well supported in in several handheld OSes. Microsoft has supported it since PocketPC 2003, Symbian got support in version 7.0s, and VxWorks supports it as of Version 6. BusyBox has supported IPv6 since version 1.3.0. Sadly, neither PalmOS nor the iPhone support IPv6 currently, but since the iPhone runs OS X, and OS X supports IPv6, it can only be a matter of time before Apple enables it.

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David Green said:

How many OS/products actually support MIPv6?

Derek Morr said:

I'm sorry, I should have been more clear in the entry. I wasn't referring to Mobile IPv6 support, but rather to IPv6 suport in mobile devices.

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