IPv6 and the DNS root

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The indefatigable Iljitsch van Beijnum published a story on ArsTechnica about IPv6 in the DNS root servers. For various technical reasons the root DNS servers have not listed their IPv6 addresses in the hints file, which is used by recursive nameservers. There was concern that old, broken DNS software and poorly configured firewalls would break if IPv6 addresses were added to the hints file.

In February, 2008, this will change; IANA will publish IPv6 addresses in the hints file. Initially, they will include IPv6 addresses for the F, H, K, and M servers. This means that it will be possible to do DNS entirely over IPv6, provided, of course, that all of the intermediate DNS servers are IPv6-accessible. This is a huge step for the IPv6 transition.

This got me thinking: How many of the top-level-domains have IPv6-accessible authoritative nameservers? I whipped up a quick Java program to check this. Answer: About two-thirds of them. (Sadly, .edu is not among them. Damnit, educause!) I was very surprised by this. IPv6 DNS is more prevalent than I had thought.

Here's the complete list:

ac ca ga is ml pn tm
ad cat gb it mm pr tn
ae cd ge je mn ps tp
aero cg gg jm mobi pt tr
af ch gh jo mr py travel
ag ci gi jp ms re tw
al cl gl ke mt ro tz
am cm gn kg museum rs ua
an cn gp kh mw ru ug
ao com gr ki my rw uk
aq cr gs kr na sc um
ar cu gt kz nc sd us
as cv gy lb ne se uy
asia cx hk lc net sg va
at cy hn li ng sh vc
au cz hr lk nl si ve
ba de ht lr np sk vg
be dz hu ls nr sn vi
bg ee id lt nu st vn
bi er ie lu nz sv wf
biz es il lv om tc yt
bj exit in ly org td yu
bm fi info ma pe tel za
br fj int mc ph tf zm
bw fm io md pl th zw
by fr ir me pm tl

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