IPv6 bug du jour - MovableType

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When a user posts a comment to a MovableType 4 blog, MT4 logs the user's IP address. However, the relevant column in MT's database is only big enough to store an IPv4 address. Here's the relevant code from lib/MT/Comment.pm:

column_defs => {
'ip' => 'string(16)',

PSU is using MovableType 4 for its blogging pilot, so I suppose I should submit a patch to fix this.

As an aside, it's disappointing that MovableType is storing the address as a string. I suppose this was done for portability reasons, but it means that MT can't take advantage of databases with intelligent IP address datatypes, like PostgreSQL. For almost a decade, PostgreSQL has had the inet and cidr datatypes, which are specifically designed for storing IP addresses. These datatypes have supported IPv6 since release 7.4 in late 2003.

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