IPv4 update: 014/8 reclaimed

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In the early days of the Internet, addresses were assigned in a very wasteful manner. Organizations would frequently get a Class A assignment (16.7 million addresses) regardless of their size. With the introduction of the RIR system in the mid-90s, new allocations are much more appropriately sized.

As we continue to use up IPv4 space, there is increased pressure on the legacy IPv4 class A holders to relinquish their space and switch to a more efficient allocation. But this is a voluntary process -- there doesn't appear to be a legal or policy procedure to force a legacy holder to relinquish their space. So far, there haven't been too many volunteers. Last week, IANA reclaimed the 014/8 legacy block. See RFC 3300 for more on the 014/8 block.

While this is important, I have to point out that this represents less than a 0.5% increase in the amount of available IPv4 space. I still think that IPv6 is the only viable long-term solution to sustainable internet addressing.

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