IPv6 certification

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I primarily run OS X, Solaris 10 and Vista. Two of those OSes are now IPv6 Ready Phase 2 certified.

Vista received certification last month.

Solaris 10 Update 4 is also Phase 2 certified. U4 added a DHCPv6 client, which is required for Phase 2. The code was developed as an OpenSolaris project.

Sadly, Mac OS X is not IPv6 Ready certified, either at Phase 1 or 2. This is particularly sad because Apple has been an early proponent of IPv6 (it's been supported since Mac OS X 10.2 and enabled by default since 10.3). Mac OS X also lacks a DHCPv6 client.

We don't have DHCPv6 enabled in ET, but I'm anxious to try it, as it should let v6-enabled clients get DNS server addresses automatically. ET's authoritative DNS servers are v6-enabled, and we've noticed no problems so far.

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