Research Students

Gözde Sert (M.A., Mathematics, Penn State University, 2021)
          Thesis: Functional Analysis on Newton Spaces

Elena Hadjicosta (Ph.D., Statistics, Penn State University, 2019)
          Thesis: Integral Transform Methods in Goodness-of-Fit Testing

Ishan Muzumdar (Undergraduate student, Penn State University, 2018)
          Joint paper: Long-Term Implications of the Revenue Transfer Methodology in the Affordable Care Act

Juan Chang (M.S., Statistics, Penn State University, 2017)
          Thesis: A Study of Benford's Law, With Applications to the Analysis of Corporate Financial Statements

Jochen Fiedler (Dr. rer. nat., Applied Mathematics, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, 2016)
          Thesis: Distances, Gegenbauer Expansions, Curls, and Dimples: On Dependence Measures for Random Fields

Michelle Li (B.S., Statistics, Penn State University, 2016)
          Thesis: Statistical Properties of the Risk-Transfer Formula in the Affordable Care Act

Gilna Samuel (M.S., Statistics, Penn State University, 2013)
          Thesis: A Probabilistic Analysis of Autocallable Optimization Securities

Yong Ming Jeffrey Woo (Ph.D., Statistics, Penn State University, 2013)
(co-adviser: Aleksandra Slavković)
          Thesis: Optimization and Statistical Estimation for the Post Randomization Method

Megan Romer (Ph.D., Statistics, Penn State University, 2009)
          Thesis: The Statistical Analysis of Monotone Incomplete Multivariate Normal Data

Max Buot (Ph.D., Statistics, University of Virginia, 2003)
          Thesis: Genetic Algorithms and Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Yuji Tomita (Ph.D., Statistics, University of Virginia, 2003)
          Thesis: On Second-Order Properties of Multivariate Mixture Vector Autoregressive Models

Krag Gregory (Ph.D., Statistics, University of Virginia, 2000)
          Thesis: Long-Memory Processes Induced by Orthogonal Polynomial Expansions

Richard McFarland (Ph.D., Statistics, University of Virginia, 1998)
          Thesis: The Exact Distributions of Plug-In Discriminant Functions in Multivariate Analysis

Wan-Ying Chang (Ph.D., Statistics, University of Virginia, 1996)
          Thesis: Generalized Dirichlet Distributions and Variance Inequalities

Sara-Anne Woodham (Ph.D., Systems Engineering, University of Virginia, 1993)
          Thesis: Modeling Environmental Impact on Fault-Tolerant Systems Using Mixed Reliability Functions

I-Li Lu (Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Virginia, 1991)
          Thesis: Multivariate Natural Exponential Families

Mark Hoover (M.A., Mathematics, University of North Carolina, 1984)
          Thesis: A New Conception of Mathematical Abilities

Robert Hoekstra (M.S., Statistics, University of North Carolina, 1983)
          Thesis: Some Exponential Models on the Sphere

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