The Pennsylvania State University, Spring 2007

STAT 418, Section 2: Probability

Course Syllabus

General description of the course: An introduction to the fundamentals and axioms of probability.

Textbook: A First Course in Probability, seventh edition, by S. Ross.

Required Work:
1. Weekly homework assignments.
2. Two mid-term examinations, scheduled for March 6 and April 10.
3. A comprehensive final examination, scheduled for May 8.
4. Full attendance at classes.

Homework: Each weekly homework assignment will be collected at the beginning of class on the following Tuesday. Late assignments will not be accepted, regardless of reason, but only your highest 12 homework scores will count toward your final grade.

Mid-term Examinations: Two closed-book, mid-term exams will be given. Exam 1 will be given on March 6 and Exam 2 will be given on April 10. You may bring to each mid-exam one 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of formulas or notes.

Final Examination: The final exam is mandatory, closed-book, and comprehensive. It will be held during the week of May 7-11. You are required to bring your PSU ID card to the exam. If you wish, you may also bring a calculator and one 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of formulas or notes.

Final Grades: Final grades will be determined as follows:
A   : 94-100%,     A- : 90-93%
B+ : 88-89%,       B   : 84-87%,    B- : 80-83%,
C+ : 78-79%,       C   : 70-77%
D   : 60-69%
F    :  0-59%

Grading policy: Overall scores will be calculated using the following scheme:

Assignments Weight Date
Homework Problems 25% Weekly
Mid-term Exam 1 20% March 6
Mid-term Exam 2 20% April 10
Final Exam 35% May 8

Course Rules:
1. No late or make-up homework assignments will be given for ANY reason.
2. No late or make-up mid-term exams will be given for ANY reason. If you miss an exam, you should provide a valid reason IN WRITING to the instructor. Once the instructor has approved your explanation, the weight of your next exam will be combined with the weight of the missed exam (e.g., if you miss mid-term exam 1 then your weight on mid-term exam 2 will be 40%).
3. Considerations for early final examinations will be allowed to students with direct conflicts due to other required university activities. Directors of those programs must provide a valid letter requesting that the student be excused from the exam.
4. Students are responsible for all announcements and supplements given within any lecture. You are expected to attend all lectures and are required to take all exams, so it is your responsibility to remember the exam dates.
5. Integrity Statement: All Penn State and Eberly College of Science policies regarding academic integrity apply to this course. See for details.
6. If you need to leave class early then please sit in the rear of the classroom and depart as quietly as possible.
7. Please turn off all cell phones and pagers before entering the classroom.

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