Work-study or wage-payroll laboratory position working with Drosophila.

Currently available: part-time position to assist in the maintenance of large fly populations, collection of fly eggs, and maintenance of fly stocks.

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Job description: Laboratory assistants will be responsible for preparing fly food, cleaning fly equipment, setting up and feeding fly populations, and collecting eggs. Assistants must be able to spend about 1 hour every 12 hours feeding flies and collecting eggs for 6 day stretches every 3 weeks. In addition, assistants will be responsible for preparing food vials for fly stocks and transferring fly stocks every 3 weeks.

Starting salary: $8.50/hour

Candidates must be able to commit to at least two consecutive semesters of work and preferably more. Preference is also granted to majors in the BMB department.

Typical 3 week cycle (The starting day of the 3 week cycle and the starting time of the 12 hour cycle are flexible. Time estimates for tasks are provided in parentheses.)